Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Costumes

Here's a look at some of the costumes for the upcoming show, The Nacirema Society.  This play is set in Montgomery in the 1960s and these pieces are from the 60s.  The costume shop spent many hours searching on-line for the perfect pieces to appear center stage.  These dresses and sweaters are mesmerizing and definitely pull the audience into the 60s fashion.  ASF is excited about these authentic pieces and feels they are giving them a second life.  Re-using already created clothing instead of making new helps recycle items.  Enjoy taking a look at some of the costumes and get a feel for the 1960s through these pictures.  


Monday, September 20, 2010

Who are Kanga and Roo?

Tara and Kevin both enjoy music and performing.  Tara has a wonderful voice and is looking forward to sharing it with an audience.  Kevin has gotten into recording and recently started playing the guitar.  Broadway stars in the making?  They are anxious to see where their love for music will take them. 
Tara L. Herweg (Kanga)- Camp Hill, PA

Tara was born and raised in PA and has been in New York for four years auditioning and working for a law firm. If she’s not in rehearsal you can find her curled up on her couch reading. Tara saw a lot of movies in NY because cheaper than going to see a show. She loves how clean the air in Montgomery is and is looking forward to exploring local restaurants along with the local music scene. Tara enjoys writing but does it sporadically.  She tries to keep her blog updated so check out Tara's adventures at Tara can't wait to sing on stage again which an audience, it’s been a while. Tara is enjoying the break from NY and is very excited about her current role as Kanga in The House at Pooh Corner.

Kevin (Kev) Callaghan (Roo)- East Northport, NY

Kevin is loving Montgomery and has been able to expand his skill set already.  Kevin had a hand in recording the intro music for The House at Pooh Corner.  He picked up playing the guitar in the past year and has enjoyed learning.  Kevin just finished school at Wagner College and this is his first gig right out of the gate. He is very interested in going to Broadway or branch into film.  He would like to try his hand at directing at some point, but really loves acting. He likes anything Clint Eastwood related. And eventually, Kevin wants to fall in love, get married and have a few kids.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Sneak Peek and Tell

Thursday night Bob Vardaman, of Bob Vardaman Events Management, took center stage at ASF to show his 25th Anniversary concepts for the Gala.  Mr. Vardaman has the task of topping one of the biggest parties Montgomery has ever seen, which took place 25 years ago in the same building, opening night of Alabama Shakespeare Festival.  And boy does Mr. Vardaman have a party planned, complete with dancers and Dionne Warwick.

Participants in Thursday's event were able to walk among the stage and see the concepts for each of the night's festivities.

Once guests arrive, valet service will greet them at the door and then they will proceed into the theatre by walking the red carpet.

Wicked Winter Wonderland is the formal seated dinner taking place in the transformed rehearsal halls.  Decked out with silver sparkle fabric, mirrors, white flowers and candles this will surely look like a Wonderland and not rehearsal halls.

A Midsummer's Night SCREAM is the high energy cocktail dinner taking place in the outfitted Octagon theatre equipped with go-go dancers and all night partiers.

After dinner everyone is escorted into the festival stage for a performance by Dionne Warwick.  And then everyone returns to the Octagon for All's Swell That Ends Swell, which means champagne and desserts.

 The Gala is Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

Tickets are still available for A Midsummer's Night SCREAM at $825 a person.  This includes the cocktail dinner in the Octagon, the Dionne Warwick concert, and the after party with drinks and desserts in the Octagon.

For more information visit or call 334.271.5353.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome Tyler and Corey

This season ASF has eight acting interns and this week we are introducing Tyler Jakes and Corey Triplett.  Right now the interns are rehearsing for the upcoming children's show "The House at Pooh Corner."

Picture from previous production at ASF.

Tyler Jakes (Christopher Robin)- New York, NY
Tyler grew up in Tampa, FL and attended Vanderbilt, originally to become a lawyer but decided he didn’t want to look back at the age of 50 and say "what if." So he finished his degree in history and moved to New York, which is where he has been for the past 3 years. Tyler likes being a well diverse person and feels his love for history helps him in studying scripts and preparing for roles. He loves watching movies as long as it is not a romantic comedy. Tyler really admires Kevin Kline and bases his career goals off of him. He ultimately wants respect for his work but to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. Tyler has no desire to be “famous” just to entertain people. He is extremely excited about performing at ASF and has heard of it for many years being from FL but has never been before. This is his first time to work with Shakespeare so he is looking forward to Julius Caesar and Much Ado About Nothing in the spring. His favorite book is Dune. And so far, Tyler sees ASF as a family company and a good place to work.

Corey Triplett (Pooh)- New York, NY
Corey moved around as a child but spent more of his childhood in East Lansing, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan and earned a degree in English. He spent a year in the Teach for America program teaching in Los Angeles. Corey would take acting classes at night and decided he wanted to change gears and pursue a career in acting. He went back to school at the New School for Drama for a MFA. One of his favorite memories is when he was 17 and was able to go to St. Petersburg Russia to study dance with an exchange program. He eventually wants to play Othello and his goal is to do his best acting work possible so he won’t have to wait tables. Corey’s favorite food is free food. And Corey's most memorable moment on stage was when he was playing Buckingham in Richard III.  He had a three page speech to deliver before intermission and during the invited dress rehearsal he forgot the speech and improvised Shakespeare until he eventually improvised his way out the scene. He was very happy it was only an IDR.