Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tiggerific and Piglet-icious

Erik Gullberg- Brooklyn New York
Originally from Fairfield, Connecticut Erik has spent the last 6 years in New York and some of his time was spent at NYU working on a degree.  He has also spent some time acting in London
Erik’s Goals:
To see every great film every made and to read every great book every written
to speak 10 languages
see ¾ of the world
fly on my own accord

Erik is sincerely enjoying Montgomery with the stunning park and exceptionally kind people.  “Exactly what I needed at this time in my life.”  I can’t believe I’m getting paid to learn how to skateboard and jump on a pogo stick.

Caitlin McGee- Brooklyn, NY
Grew up outside the Boston area and can already tell she is going to miss the snow this winter.  Her dad has had her shoveling her way out since she was big enough to hold a shovel.  Caitlin has spent the past 4 years at Wagner College in New York and graduated this Spring.  ASF is her first professional acting job and she is very excited about the upcoming season.  Lil’ Bit in the play “How I Learned to Drive” has been Caitlin’s favorite role.  Caitlin wants to continue to grow and improve as an actor so she can act continuously and eventually make it into film.  Caitlin enjoys going to the movies and also attending shows while in New York.  Stella, Caitlin’s number one companion, is a Portuguese Water Dog and was named after Stella in “A Street Car Named Desire.”  Montgomery is very prestine and doesn’t have all the trash like Brooklyn.  Loves any kind of pizza but pineapple is her favorite.