Saturday, June 14, 2008

When, a few months ago, I first heard that Gone with the Wind had not only been adapted into a musical, but also was in rehearsals at a theatre in the West End in London, I was not only shocked but I also admit to laughing. Yes, that Gone with the Wind, the gorgeous Technicolor movie that my grandmother never failed in making me watch, the book that helped me learn the real meaning behind "Carpet bagger," that epic Southern story, was made into a musical.

Saying that, I might have paid to see it if it had been produced somewhere near me. I love the story of Scarlett and Rhett, Melanie and Ashley, and the fighting spirit that would lead them through the war that nearly tore our country apart.

But that doesn't really matter much anymore because poor Gone with the Wind is closing now and will be entering into the last few weeks of performances soon. Ray Shell, cast member who played Pork in the play gave his opinion on the cause of the failure here in the Guardian.