Monday, July 14, 2008

An inside look in Tony's day

Good morning bloggers! Here's another entry in "Tony's" (aka Loren's) blog. Enjoy!


July 10th (10:43),

Okay, we have a problem. Nina (Maria) is making me cry in MY death scene (POST DEATH)! Which isn't going to fly. I mean lets really think about this, how many times have you attended a funeral where the one who passed away starts crying... I'm doing my best to be a good little dead boy (reduce my breathing, try not to sneeze, twitch, or swallow), but if I'm getting all choked then we have a problem. So I guess we'll just have to cut her final " many bullets are left in this gun, Chino?..." monologue. LOL. No no, just kidding - it's a very intense moment, and Nina never fails deliver the characters unfortunate, but honest feelings. ALL THE WHILE conjuring up magical notes from mid air, long after any instrument has stopped playing, and still landing it perfectly on pitch. No pressure for me right?? HUH!

Nina is a treasure.

This week we've started full run-through of the show. It's getting very exciting. Each week it's as though we're all working on a vast painting together. In the beginning we sorted out all our colors, brushes, and techniques. Then we started to apply large broad layers to the canvas, and NOW, we're finally starting focus on the details that will make the painting accomplished and unique. However, as details go they are often the most difficult, and sensitive to apply. Thankfully we have Karen, the women who envisioned this painting, in all it's detail, long before we were chosen to help illustrate. Thank you Karen, I only hope you know...

July 11th (6:24)

We just got back from lunch, YEA LUNCH! And now back to work. We're on the stage for the rest of this week, which is both exciting and intimidating. There are so many people at work to make this show a true spectacle, which really makes you appreciate the opportunity you have to be apart of it all.

Today will mostly be spent adjusting to the stage and our EXTRAORDINARY set. I hope everyone reading this has or will soon have the chance to see this amazing work of art, and I can't wait to see the lighting designers magic in play. Additionally, the crew has been so supportive and helpful in our adjustment to the stage. "Cool boy, REAL cool...!"

HURRAY, Mark (THEE Stage Manager) just brought out a basket full of our 'dance at the gym' shoes, but NOW . . . with rubber soles. For a little while it seemed like we were doing Hans Brinker the Musical instead of WSS. LOL. Now, I have to be honest, these rubber soles are a million times more important for the dancers than for me - BUT climbing up a 12 foot metal latter to the arms of your star-crossed love with no traction underneath you has it's own level of impending doom.


We just finished the RUMBLE, with knives, search lights, a 42 foot fence, and everything - well...9 foot fence, but it feels like 42 when you're climbing it. LOL. Just kidding, I think it's TONS of fun, I think everyone should come on down and give it a try.

We're about ready so start working Act II for the first time on far so well. No major injuries, or life crises (as Karen would say...)

Talk to ya'll again soon. One last shout out to all the amazing people that are helping this come together, and to each of my extraordinary fellow actors who are filled with talent and love. Thanks to all of you!


We're all looking forward to West Side Story coming together starting this Friday night at 7:30. I'll see you at the theatre!